Blast Off Original Soundtrack

The Game

Blast Off is an interstellar arcade game featuring gravity fields, lost astronauts and bizarre planetary systems.
Use your rocket ship to rescue astronauts and carry them through the warp gate to safety.

But be careful! The ever-present force of gravity can help you on your journey, but can also bring you crashing down.
Each planet and celestial body within a level has a gravity effect which must be accounted for This gravity must be used to the player’s advantage in combination with rocket boost power and directional control.

Blast Off Soundtrack Cover

Blast Off Soundtrack Cover

The Soundtrack

The album contains 5 tracks from the game, that all have a very laid back, ambient feel.

As a bonus, bass tabs are also included.

  1. Easy – 04:38
  2. Medium – 04:32
  3. Hard – 02:54
  4. Insane – 03:42
  5. Post-Apocalyptic (Rejected Bonus Track) – 02:16


You can download the soundtrack for free (name your price) here, if you enjoy the music, please consider paying a buck or two.

Game by Halfbrick Studios
Music by Jesse Higginson

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